Message from Presiden Director & CEO

There are two things in life and work that must be firmly adhered toas principles of life.

The power to do something is a “VALUE”. Whether the outcome is a good thing or a bad thing, it depends on how it'sbeing used, but strength is a VALUE. The most important elements in this "value" are Honesty, Caring, responsibility and discipline.

Attitude is the foundation of a person in using his values, always prioritizing a positive mental attitude is the best choice.

PT. RUBICONVEX is a company that I founded to answer all business challenges with a vision and mission, to setssight sonproviding partners with top quality services through a global network and exploring opportunities for grow thin the market position, a iming to build it self a symbol of synergy and the spirit of the nation through professional business development and continuous outside the box innovation.

Providing a unique and meaning full experience to clients in a smart, creative, and professional way that precisely expectations.

" Keep Mind In Motion, Moving Beyond Success ”
President & CEO